Abu Dhabi slams information

Abu Dhabi slams information

Covid-19: Abu Dhabi slams information about rumoured coronavirus situation in non commercial area
Wam /Abu Dhabi

“The Health community in Abu Dhabi, within cooperation with the Ministry of Prevention and Health, is adhering to strict precautionary measures in keeping with greatest international standards accredited by the World Health Organisation within combatting diseases and pandemics, like COVID 19,” included the statement.


The official declared the recently infected male is in condition that is stable and the family members of his are also set in quarantine. Nevertheless, he refused to talk about much more details about the era and travelling story of the affected person.

Afterwards, the immediate flight system had also been suspended between the 2 nations.

The Pakistani government has become launching a comprehension campaign by initiating a telephone helpline and starting a web portal to motivate individuals to report about their issue in case they’re affected by flu and fever, enabling the authorities to trace them & conduct needed laboratory tests.

Announcing the very first coronavirus connected demise in the nation, US President Donald Trump has given new travel limitations to Iran, South Korea and Italy while maintaining the general threat to the US is very low but could turn suddenly.

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