Applying and Entry Requirements

Applying and Entry Requirements

Please note that many of our LLB programmes are seriously over subscribed, consequently, fulfilling the least academic entry needs isn’t an assurance for gaining admission. Remember to also make certain you examine all of the info on this page, which includes the Frequently Asked Questions area before distributing an application.

We’re not able to recognize A degree resits unless the 1st try was influenced by extenuating circumstances.

A levels have to be satisfied within the exact same sitting. A*AA awarded more than 2 different years, for instance AA in a single season plus one more A* the next season won’t gratify our entry requirements.
In the interest of fairness and transparency, we suggest you completely check the info below to ensure that you’re crystal clear about the way the application of yours shall be evaluated. Remember to also read through all of the often asked questions as these could respond to some queries you might have.

What attributes are tutors searching for?
Pupils on our undergraduate amount programmes come from a number of backgrounds, and also bring their diverse ideas and experiences to UCL Laws. Nevertheless, whenever you use to learn with us, the tutors of ours is searching for you personally to exhibit 3 important attributes For achievement in legal education:

Motivation: you are able to use yourself to various activities and also have the capacity to participate with sustained plus rigorous work.
Reasoning ability: you are able to analyse and also resolve issues using critical and logical methods, draw fine distinctions and also sort the pertinent from the irrelevant. You are able to make critical and accurate observations, and also show your ideas through sustained plus cogent argument. You are able to believe laterally & show your flexibility and creativity of thought.
Communication: you’ve a willingness and power to voice your concepts effectively and clearly, your prepared to tune in and also offer regarded as responses.
Tutors is looking for to identify the future potential of yours as being a law pupil. Your current achievements (which may be evidenced by your recognized examinations, expected examination benefits, and school reports), and also performance in the LNAT what about a number of instances, the performance of yours at interview, is depended upon mainly as proof of future potential. The personal statement of yours as well as your academic reference play a really crucial part in evaluating the suitability of yours to study law.

UCAS offers a lot of useful information and advice about writing the personal statement of yours, go to the UCAS site to discover more.

In case the first language of yours isn’t English, you’ll in addition need to show you are able to see UCL’s English language demands. In the situation of applications on the LLB Law with a European Legal System amount programmes (M141, M142, M146 and M144), you’ll also have to show the proficiency of yours within the language relevant to the program you’ve selected.

Existing awareness of the law isn’t a necessity for admission.

Interview process In case you’ve put on to just one of our LLB Law with a European Legal System amount programmes, and also we’re contemplating making an offer for you, we are going to invite you to go to a job interview to evaluate the competence of yours within the language of the programme of yours.

In case you’ve put on to the primary LLB Law programme, as well as we’ve determined the application of yours as in need of particular consideration, we could invite you to go to a job interview together with the application process.

The goal of the job interview is assessing the suitability of yours of the amount program to which you’ve put on. At job interview, you’re required to show that:

you’ve an interest in the world of suggestions and also topical, moral, social and political issues
you’re competent to reason cogently
you are able to voice the views of yours with clarity
you’re driven to participate in the research of law The interviewers of yours is searching for proof of these basic characteristics which are likely of a profitable candidate on the LLB Law undergraduate programmes. The knowledge of yours of the law isn’t being evaluated at this time and won’t be viewed at the interview of yours, so make sure you do not care about understanding all before you turn up!

In order to investigate the motivation of yours for the program and also to help you place you at ease, the interviewers of yours may inquire about your hobbies and interests. UCL Laws has a really energetic pupil group, therefore your future accomplishments might be taken into consideration in thinking about the contribution you can may well make to the extra curricular lifetime of UCL Laws as well as UCL in general.

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