The best way to Build an Outdoor Shower

The best way to Build
an Outdoor Shower

The best way to Build an Outdoor Shower After working in the yard or even working out, what may be a little more enjoyable compared to taking a great backyard shower? Outside showering is actually a singular deluxe which enables a gradual switch from the activities of the day to a calm evening. Outside showers help keep the home of yours cleaner, also, because soil, sand, grass, along with other debris are actually kept out of inside bath pans and tubs. In addition, children that balk at interior showers are usually enticed by the novelty of outdoor showers.

 Creative task and a fun for a warm spring or maybe summer day, creating an outdoor shower needs simple plumbing know how as well as light construction abilities. Because you’re not building watertight shower wall space (as with interior showers) the assortment of options for privacy walls is limitless. With this particular task, you’ll be creating privacy wall space from low cost white cedar fence boards.

 Regulations as well as codes Most likely, your municipality’s construction code regulates the plumbing related facets of the patio shower installation. Just about any brand new plumbing installation typically takes a permit.

Shower water drainage might additionally be controlled. A number of communities might allow your outside shower to drain comprehensive wood deck boards and right into a gravel drain bed. In other parts, outdoor showers aren’t authorized to drain into the soil or even into storm drainage systems and should be plugged in to the home’s waste process. Not just that, a sloped bath pan with built up lips much like those present in inside programs have to be used, because the drainage to correctly run into the waste phone.

 Security Considerations

At the power service panel, turn off circuit breakers for just about any electric supply lines which run through this specific region.

 When to Build The Outdoor Shower of yours As may be expected, creating an outdoor shower will involve a considerable level of backyard time. Consequently, in the interests of comfort, you might wish to hold back until warmer months before building. But plumbing an outdoor bath does involve several interior work, also, along with this can be achieved at any time of the season. Focusing on the inside component during cool months is actually an excellent method to get a headstart on the task for springtime.

 Task Metrics

To work Time: five days

Comprehensive Time: six days

Ability Level: Expert

Material Cost: $300 to $600

What You will Need


Pace Square

Circular saw

Cordless drill, drill bits, and driver bits

Six-foot level ladder

Tape measure

Hand jab saw

Stud finder

Post hole digger


Bubble level

Electrical miter saw as well as circular saw


Ten bags of 0.8 cubic foot 7/8 inch water drainage rock

Four four-by-fours, each eight feet long

Eight bags of quick set concrete

eight pressure treated two-by-fours, each Eight feet long

Eighteen western red cedar fence boards, 5/8 inch by five 1/2 inch by 6-foot

Boxes of 2-inch and 1-inch construction screws

Four two-fold shear face mount joist hangers, 2 inch by 4-inch

Two push fit 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch plumbing tees

Two parts of 1/2 inch PEX pipe, each eight feet long

Individual manage shower faucet

Showerhead assembly

Silicone-based caulk


Determine Where you can Place the Shower Cold outside showers could be appropriate but hot showers are better. The great point about creating an outdoor shower on the edge of the home is you currently have a supply of water that is hot you are able to take advantage of the house. washing machine repair Dubai

Within the home of yours is a warm water source pipe directing out of the water heater which feeds different spots in the house. Showers, tubs, dishwashers, utility sinks, and cleaning machines all have warm water taps. In case you are able to position the outside shower of yours on the exterior side of one of those services, you are going to have both cold and hot water supply lines at the disposal of yours.

Find the Water Supply Lines Find the cold and hot water supply lines to the home which is actually closest to the region on the reverse side of the exterior wall in which you want to find the backyard shower. In case these lines are actually exposed (as present in basements, crawlspaces, attics, as well as incomplete rooms), drywall removal isn’t needed.

When there’s drywall, 1st turn off the water at probably the nearest intermediary cut off valve up from the process point. When generally there are no intermediary cut off valves, turn off the home’s primary cut off valve.

Expose the Water Lines Locate the studs with a stud finder and mark them off. With a mechanical jab saw, very carefully cut out a department of drywall big enough in order to present the pipes as well as to run extra pipes up to the showerhead area, typically aproximatelly eighty in tall. For instance, in the situation of horizontal water source pipes which are thirty in tall, you will cut out a department of drywall that’s aproximatelly ninety in high by 14 1/4 inches wide (as studs are generally located sixteen inches apart on center).

Tap Into the Water Supply With the water source still switched off, cut into the cold and hot water source pipes. Install a push fit 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch tee into each series. Push the PEX pipe directly into the open end of every tee and run the PEX pipe up to the shower manage rough in point.

Link the Shower Faucet and Handle Install the shower manage assembly into the edge of the home every manufacturer’s directions. Reduce the 2 PEX pipes to size as well as connect them to the shower manage assembly. With the remaining PEX pipe, continue one length up to the showerhead (faucet) rough in point. Install the shower faucet and head, then connect the PEX pipe to it. Caulk round the bathtub faucet from the exterior of the building.

Set the Posts for the Privacy Wall In order to develop a privacy field which is actually four feet by four feet, dig post holes from 4 areas. Every issue must be four feet from the adjacent point, developing a square. Dig three foot down with the content hole digger. Include six inches (or roughly one half of a bag) of base landscape gravel to the bottom part of each post hole. Set the four-by-fours into place for each hole, checking for plumb (vertical) with the bubble amount. Fill each hole with 2 bags of quick set concrete as well as fill each hole with water.

Make the Drainage Area If the town of yours allows for grey water to work right into a drainage bed, dig a location three feet by three feet by twelve in deep at the middle of the four-by-four posts. Fill the pit with 8 bags of the drainage rock.

Make the Shower Floor Cut 2 lengths of 44-1/2-inch boards out of one of the pressure treated two-by-fours. Cut 5 of the pressure treated two-by-fours in half, resulting in 10 deck boards each four feet long.

Set those 10 boards perpendicular across the roof of the 2 44 1/2 inch boards, spacing the latter boards forty inches parallel from one another. Be sure that the deck boards are actually spaced approximately 1/8 inch from one another, then screw them down with the 2 inch construction screws. Location the floor with the gravel drainage area.

Make the Privacy Wall Stringers From the 2 remaining pressure treated two-by-fours, cut 4 boards, each 44 1/2 inches long. With the cordless tool and also the 1 inch screws, connect the 4 joist hangers to the insides of the 4 four-by-four posts. 2 of the joist hangers must be twenty four in tall as well as the subsequent pair ought to be fifty six in tall. Install the 4 44-1/2-inch boards to the joist hangers and secure with the 1 inch construction screws.

Complete the Privacy Walls With Boards Face the 2 sides of the privacy walls with the white cedar fence boards. Generally there ought to be no need to reduce them. Begin on the home side, screwing each board throughout the stringers with 2 1 inch screws at the top as well as 2 at the bottom part every board. Continue the boards toward the front, spacing the boards by 1/8 inch. At the front end, the final board ought to expand beyond the four-by-four by aproximatelly 2 in. In the event you wish, you are able to rip this ultimate board down so it’s flush with the fence post or even leave as is.

Creating an Outdoor Shower Tips Leave the cedar boards unsealed for a silvery, natural wood appearance or perhaps stain as well as seal them for a far more finished appearance which contributes to the durability of the wood.

Composite wood deck boards are actually perfect for outdoor bath floors since they’re never, splinter-free, and smooth rot.

Much like other outside faucets, an outdoor bath is actually governed by freezing, which could result in the pipes to burst and flood the house of yours. Including a shut off valve inside is going to allow you to switch off the water to the shower during freezing winter season.

When In order to Call a specialist To save time, you might want to call a licensed plumber to include the supply lines as well as optionally available drainage line for the backyard shower. Some other activities could effortlessly be performed by majority of homeowners.

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