News Releases

Federal Law No. 116 for the Year 2009 – Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities

President of the UAE, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued Federal Law No. (116) for the year 2009 ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The law, to be published in the official gazette, instructs the Social Affairs Minister to carry it out. 

Sheikh Khalifa also issued Federal Law No. 14/2009 amending Law No. 29/ 2006 on people with special needs. 

The phrases “the disabled” and “disabled individuals”, wherever they occur, shall be removed from the text of Law No. 29 and shall be replaced with “Individuals with Special Needs” and “Individual with Special Needs”, as per Article 1 of the new Law No. 14.

Also, the word “disability”, wherever it occurs in Law No. 29, shall be replaced with the word “Special Needs”.

Article 2 of Law No. 14 also nullifies and makes irrelevant any provisions that are in conflict with the provisions of this new law. 

Law shall take immediate effect and shall be published in the official gazette.