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GRP System Applies Law on Appointment of Retired Citizens in Dubai

In line with the eTransformation process in Dubai, Dubai eGovernment has announced the recent automation of processes concerning UAE Law No. 28 of 2009, issued by Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum pertaining to the appointment of retired UAE nationals in Dubai government agencies and authorities. 

By integrating it into Dubai eGovernment’s Government Resource Planning (GRP) System, the law will take effect over a record period of time to the instant benefit of retired citizens working in Dubai government departments as it will help improve their career benefits, create new job opportunities for them and facilitate the procedures for their re-appointment. 

A specially appointed technical team supervised the automation of the new law and its integration into the GRP System, which manages the basic operations for 27 government departments and provides a base for comprehensive governmence among Dubai government departments and authorities which reflects Dubai’s eTransformation vision. 

Since 2006, GRP technical teams have been responsible for the automation of a set of laws covering civil and military sectors, Dubai airports, academics, retired military personnel, judicial staff, and temporary employment and part time job openings, into the GRP System. Dubai eGovernment also updates its software and provides the latest electronic machines in response to the growing demands in Dubai and to implement of Dubai eGovernment’s vision of “easing the lives of people”.