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Law No. 13 for the year 2011 – Law Regulating Economic Activities in Dubai

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai, has issued a law regulating economic activities in the Emirate of Dubai.


The Law No. 13 Year 2011 contains 37 articles.


Article 3 states that the law aims to regulate the economic activities in the emirate and create a conducive environment for investment in various economic fields by creating a single window through which coordination among various competent authorities will be carried out to meet the requirements of licensing to practice economic activities in Dubai.


It also aims to create the ideal environment for doing business in the emirate and achieving higher rates of economic growth, through reliance on the accuracy and transparency of information which will be made available using the latest technologies, thus enabling the various business establishments to benefit from them.


The law also aims at contributing to the marketing and promotional plans, spreading economic and investment awareness and harnessing the investment opportunities available in the emirate.