news decree issued regarding licensing of travel firms in rak



News Releases
Decree Issued
Regarding Licensing
of Travel Firms in

His Higness Shaikh
Saqr Bin Mohammad Al
Qasimi, member of
the Supreme Council
and Ruler of Ras Al
Khaimah, issued a
decree systematizing
the registration and
licensing of travel
and tourism
companies in the
emirate. According
to the new decree,
the registration
procedures will be
effective from march
1, 2008. The decree
disclosed that AED
300,000 will be the
minimum capital for
a travel or tourism
company. Also, the
company should
provide AED 40,000
bank guarantee for
every tourism
activity, and this
money will be used
by the emirate’s
authorities to sort
out disputes with
the company’s
clients. The decree
also stipulates that
the license for all
types of travel or
tourism activities
will be issued only
in the name of an
Emirati who holds a
university degree.
The decree states
that the companies
will be responsible
for the tourists
they bring in the
U.A.E. and made it
compulsory for these
companies to send
their tourists out
of the country once
their visit time is



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