news implementation of smoking ban on shopping malls



News Releases
Implementation of
Smoking Ban on
Shopping Malls

The smoking ban on
shopping malls has
been implemented
effective 15th of
September, 2007 with
the authority to
refer smokers who
violates the smoking
ban to the police
and municipality
officials. Under the
regulations set by
the Dubai
smoking in shopping
malls is prohibited
except at designated
smoking areas, which
has to be approved
by the
Clinic and Community
Health section.
Malls are required
to post notices and
have staff on hand
to inform their
patrons of the said
ban. According to
the ban, public
areas within the
malls have to remain
smoke-free, while
cafes and
restaurants have to
install special
filtration system if
they want to have a
smoking section.



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