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News Releases
Law on
Commodities Subject
to Import & Export
Control Procedures

President H.H.
Sheikh Khalifa Bin
Zayed Al Nahyan
issued Federal Law
No. (13) of 2007 on
commodities that are
subject to import
and export control
procedures which is
effective on
September 1, 2007.
The new law
authorizes the
authorities to ban
or restrict the
importing, exporting
and re-exporting of
any commodity for
reasons related to
safety, public
health, environment,
natural resources,
national security,
or for reasons
related to the
U.A.E.’s foreign
policy, taking into
account any
restrictions which
may currently be
imposed on those
commodities by laws
already in effect
and by the existing
powers of the
authorities, and in
compliance with the
treaties the U.A.E.
ratified or joined.
The new law aims to
standardize such
throughout the U.A.E.,
since geographically
limited procedures
would not provide
the desired result
of banning or
restricting a
particular commodity
and because varying
or different control
procedures would
disrupt trade in the
country as a whole.

The new law
authorizes the
cabinet to order the
establishment of a
new control body to
be known as the
National Commission
for Commodities
Subject to Import,
Export and Re-export
Control. A
representative from
the Ministry of
Economy shall be the
head of the new
commission, whose
membership will
representatives from
other concerned
federal ministries,
bodies and the
private sector.
Provision of chapter
(1) of the new law
includes the general
framework for the
issuance of import
and export licenses,
period set to
applications and any
complaints from
applicants against
decisions by the
relevant body to
cancel licenses.
Chapter 2 of the new
law regulates the
procedures aimed at
controlling the
import and export of
commodities as well
as the export and
re-export of
commodities, in
addition to the
brokerage of



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