news set up of technical expert s directorate at the judicial department



News Releases
Set Up of
Technical Expert’s
Directorate at the
Judicial Department
of Abu Dhabi

H.H. Sheikh Mansour
Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
Minister of
Presidential Affairs
and Chairman of the
Department of
Judiciary in Abu
Dhabi has issued a
decision to set up
the Directorate of
Technical Experts to
assist the courts in
the disposal of
disputes. The
decision contains
the rules and bylaws
necessary to run the
directorate in line
with the common
strategy laid out
for the department
of judiciary. The
decision also sets
up a committee for
Expert’s Affairs to
be presided by the
Undersecretary of
the department of
judiciary. The
directorate will
develop a register
of experts in
different fields and
invite their
services base on the
nature of disputes.
These experts shall
include auditors,
engineers in
different fields,
forensic and
doctors. The
directorate will
also accept requests
from new experts to
endorse their names
in the list. It will
also follow up the
appointing experts
in each case in
accordance with the
nature of disputes.
The Committee will
meet once in every
three months and
advise the
directorate on the
policies and
procedures, the
decision said.



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