practice spectrum



Practice Spectrum

We provide a wide
range of activities
meeting the needs of
the legal market.
Our areas of
practice includes:

Providing extensive services relating to marine commerce, navigation, shipping, transportation, and vessel arrests, and violations based on knowhow of local and public international laws.
Arbitration is a form of an alternative dispute resolution regulated internationally by the International Arbitration Centre (IAC) with local arms in almost every country. Arbitration is an alternative mean of dispute resolution that can be chosen over the conventional dispute resolution of courts.
Providing extensive legal services on banking & finance transactions, investments, property financing, loan agreements, Islamic banking, and legal representations on banking related disputes.
Providing comprehensive services based on in-depth knowledge of general fields of law, and thus attending to the requirements of national and international clients on matters relating to implementation of contracts, execution of court judgement, partnership, merger & acquisition, trading, and all issues relating to commercial transactions & delineation of private rights and remedies.
Providing consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics and alcohol, bounced cheques , murder, theft, swindling,threats, and all other issues which are criminal in nature before the public prosecutions and courts.
Providing collection services through application of effective pressure tools and procedures available to us through law or equity.
Providing pre-litigation and litigation services relating to damages, claims, compensations, insurance fruad, extent of liability, unlawful termination of insurance policies, and underpaying or nonpayment.
Providing advice towards IP infringement apart from the registration of national and international intellectual property(IP) rights before the local authorities.
Providing services related to employment in the UAE through providing our expert opinion derived from extensive knowhow about Labour laws & its amendments, and conducting necessary representation before the labour office and the labour court.
Providing counseling, and representation services relating to all matters in this field such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, alimony claims, inheritance, and wills.
Providing status assesment for each development, and litigation before the concerned authorities.
Trust & Sponsorship Agreement

Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Understanding

Sale Share Agreement

Divorce Settlement Agreement/Separation Agreement

Employment Contract


Tenancy Contract

Franchise Contract

Distribution Contracts


Power of Attorney (Specific & General)

Reservation Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Settlement Contract

Confidentiality Agreement

Brokerage Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement

Representation Agreement

Investment Agreement

Commission Agreement

Promise f Purchase Contract

Addendum Agreement
Providing legal advice and representation before rents committee and obtaining verdict for execution.
Providing advice and representation services on all matters relating to traffic violations and offences before the concerned authorities.
Providing incorporation and renewal services of companies in onshore and offshore territories within effective timeframes and cost effective rates.



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